An African American father putting an adhesive bandage on the knee of his 5 year old boy. His son must have fallen off his scooter which is laying beside them.

When our children get into cars, we make them buckle their seat belts. And when they learn to ride bikes, we teach them to wear helmets. But not everything that has to do with our children’s health and well-being is as easy to see as a helmet or as simple to reach for as a seatbelt.

In countries across the globe, in food deserts here in the U.S. and, even, in many of our homes, children are not getting proper nutrition. And the consequences are tremendous: adequate vitamin and mineral intake is essential for a child’s health and development, particularly in the first 1,000 days of life. An infant or a child with a nutrient deficiency may suffer long-term physical and cognitive effects and health risks.

Source: Without Essential Nutrients, A Child’s Body Struggles To Do These Things | The Huffington Post