Why Qualify Your Juice Plus Virtual Franchise

As we all know the Juice Plus Virtual Franchise is about Embracing the Juice Plus Habit


Share the Juice Plus products by sharing your story


And Inspiring others to join you in touching the lives of people they care about. Your capacity to affect the health of large numbers of people is limited by the hours in a day but by sharing your business as well as your product story you can impact the lives of 100’s of people.

? The JP VF is created through you reaching out to your warm market contacts to develop a customer base and establishing a qualifying business. A qualified business is a significant achievement on your road to National Marketing Director. Your income is directly related to how well you qualify your own business and how well you teach others in your organization to qualify their business. Training everyone within your success team to be consistent in qualifying their business is KEY to your achieving significant success. That is the first step in creating club members.

Now what is a qualifying business?

A true qualifying business is approximately 40 customers of your own. The number 40 comes from 40 customers all consuming JP caps. Now what if you have a husband and wife….team that counts for two and what if they are taking more than just the caps. Well you have more PV from that family. It is possible that you won’t have exactly 40 customers but it may be all equal to 1000 PVC points. The 1000 PVC

points is the real goal in your qualification. To understand pvc points there is a chart in your starter guide on page 11.

The importance of qualifying your business is just like if you decided to build a house but you decided not to use a foundation or you used a weak foundation. Would your house be weak and eventually crumble. Most definitely…..and that is why starting your Virtual Franchise with the goal to build a strong foundation is so important.

Not only does it create a strong foundation for your business but here are some other reasons for building a qualifying business

1. Strong foundation

2. Your retail profit plus commissions you collect on your preferred customers. The more customers you have the more income you have.

3. Maximizes your efforts to earn a 5% performance bonus on your team members who are DD and above. As your business grows this 5% will

become the largest portion of your paycheck.

4. Qualifying your business is the essence of what you want to duplicate within your success team (downline).

*Building a team of qualifiers is the work in progress we call Creating Clubs.

5. You get recognition from the company in our monthly bulletin after you have 3 consecutive months and this is a good way to show your team that you are leading by example.

6. Most importantly the more customers you have created in these Juice Plus families the more chances you have to provide future revenue through continued use of the product, referrals and possible business involvement. Most of your new prospective reps will come from satisfied users of Juice Plus products.

One other way to get to your qualified business is when you get to 1000 points by:

Your own family personal orders Your personal customers


Your new distributor’s orders Your direct distributor’s orders


When that all totals to 1000 points you also have a qualified business. Warning when you are counting on new distributors and direct distributors you do have to pay attention to the fact that once they move up to VF you no longer can count them in your own 1000 points. However, if you are taking advantage of the 5-­?1 bonus plan the company offers then you will continue to build that distributor base.

5 customers and 1 brand new rep. Adds to your customer base and also adds to your distributor base.

Let us all remember the purpose of the 5-­?1 bonus is not only to encourage us to get new customers and new reps but to also set the pace so that the new rep will be shown how to use the other bonus plan of 10-­?1-­?10 and get to the VF position and from their because of your great coaching will eventually be not only a VF but also a QVF.

Doing 5-­?1 and getting that bonus every month is just the beginning to something that could be very big for your JP business.

What happens when you create a qualifying business and you begin to use the team formula for success by creating Clubs.

Follow the steps and get your business to VF, QVF on to SC and You will approximately earn:

$300 to $500 dollars a month as you build your customer base which is an annual income of $6000

Do you want to do this alone. “Of course not.” Share in the fun: If you get:

3 to 11 others to duplicate what you have done and qualify their business your income will now go to a $15,000 annual average

12 to 38 others qualifying their business and your income will now go to $40,000 annual average

39 or more your income qualifying businesses and you will be at an average of $120,000 annually.

Remember that all of this is because you used the formula

Embrace, Share and Inspire.