You have to work late, one of your children has soccer practice and the other child has a music lesson. In other words, there’s no way the entire family will be able to sit down for a meal at the same time tonight. This is a common occurrence in families across the country, but are family meals the only way to ensure that kids eat their fruits and vegetables? A new study from the University of Minnesota says not necessarily.

“Studies suggest that having meals as a family increases the intake of fruit and vegetables for adolescents, but we know that’s not a regular option for all families. For our study, we wanted to find out if there are other more realistic ways for busy parents to ensure their kids eat a healthy diet,” Allison Watts, Ph.D. and post-doctoral fellow at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health said.

Source: Study: Family Meals Aren’t Only Way to Ensure Kids Eat Fruits & Veggies – Health Talk