24 years ago…Lori and I were ready for a change. We wanted a different future to begin having a family, and it was our desire to have Lori be able to stay at home with our child. Burning desire…YES. Solution…NO.

We found one though…and we quickly knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that NSA and Jay Martin had us on their back. Once we saw and felt that commitment to our family…we all climbed on. Jay visioneered a company that has a strong back. We quickly realized that as long as we went down the field alone…it was like scoring field goals EVERYTIME…victory each time we got a customer for sure….but we quickly decided to go beyond the “Lori stay at home” goal. We wanted touchdowns and we wanted more. So it only seemed appropriate that we be willing to develop a strong back and a will to take some people with us to the goal. After all, others had desires and needs just as Lori and I did….different in many cases, but strong desires.

So its time for ALL of us to Saddle UP… you can do it. Your limit to what you can achieve is so far beyond what you believe…. You only need to do it 5 times well and you too will say “NSA and Jay Martin had me on their back”.