Announcing a Fantastic Feature of the NSA Virtual Office!(Thanks to Brian Roes, SSC  for this great tip!)

  • Have you ever been confused by the many options of our state-of-the-art Virtual Office?
  • Have you ever sat on the phone with your sponsor trying to figure out how to ___________ on your Virtual Office?
  • Do you thrive on repetition in order to master new skills like using the Virtual Office?[divider]


Did you know that there is a Virtual Tour available for your online office? It has been around for some time, but I recently uncovered it and LOVE what it has to offer! I recommend taking a look at it so you can expand your own effectiveness at using the Virtual Office as well as refer new team members to it to help them get off to a great start!

How to Access the NSA Virtual Office Tour

Visit (or for short!)
Log in with your user name and password (if you do not know your username and password, call Distributor Support at 901-850-3000, option 3, and they will hook you up!)
Click on “Personal File” (top left hand corner)
Move your mouse over “Personal Profile”
Click on “My Settings”
Near the top of the new page, click on where is says “NSA Virtual Office Tour”
Ta-da! Instant computer tutor!