It’s the intelligence within the body that heals, but we must supply it with supportive nutrients so healing and rebuilding can happen. My first two Juice Plus+® formulas, the Garden Blend® and Orchard Blend® were the focus of most of the initial research studies and should be used as the baseline of your foundational nutrition program.

My latest formula, the Juice Plus+ Vineyard Blend®, features juice powder from grapes and berries, along with enzymes and several other special ingredients. We greatly need such a supplement as an antioxidant source, and especially because berries are a missing link in preventing today’s epidemic of cardiovascular disease. Isn’t it interesting that the very foods now missing in our diets are the ones that can prevent our primary ailments? Berries were a part of mankind’s sustenance for thousands of years. I guess we just forgot!

What makes any whole food work, nutritionally speaking, is its thousands of phytochemicals, also called phytonutrients. Many have been identified and studied, and many are yet to be discovered. The totality of a food’s phytonutrients produces its synergistic effects. But nowadays, even our whole foods are often nutrient-deficient. Supplements are therefore a necessity in today’s living experience–especially if you’re sick or weak or your digestion is not working properly. For complete health, optimal function, and healing, using a whole-food concentrate such as Juice Plus+® to supplement your spectrum of nutrients may be your best bet.


A Note on Primary Research


You can’t simply throw foods, herbs, vitamins, and minerals into a capsule without regard for their interactions and effects on each other. Many individual herbs are terrific for the heart, for example, but if combined in the wrong ratio or mixture, they may be minimally helpful or not at all.

In developing a combination formula, there are several considerations: the nutrients in the ingredients, their physical and energetic compatibility, the ratio that will prevent any substances from dominating or competing for absorption, and whether the nutrients will be broken down or used up before they can get to the tissues and functions they’re intended to support. What is the bioactivity of the combined substances? Will the body’s cells recognize the formula’s “cellular identity”?

Of basic importance in addressing those formulating considerations is primary research conducted on the combined formula–not “borrowed” research conducted on the separate ingredients. Unfortunately, few companies are willing to spend the money, and many inadequately researched combinations are on the market. NSA, however, has done nothing but primary research on each Juice Plus+® formula. The ratio of foods, the enzymatic activity, the energetics of each ingredient, and the techniques of its manufacture make the Vineyard Blend® a stand-alone product.


Virtues of the Vineyard


You might have heard such scientific terms as carotenoids, flavanols, tannins, polyphenols, anthocyanins, and others even more difficult to pronounce. These and other phytochemicals are named and categorized according to their distinct characteristics, activities, and effects on our metabolism or tissues. The pigments in foods are actually some of the phytonutrients most important for our health–I think it’s so interesting that colors help the body heal itself!

The overall effects of the Vineyard Blend® are increased blood flow, improved oxygen supply to the tissues, enhanced waste elimination, increased absorption of other supplements, and helping to prevent heart disease. Furthermore, each ingredient has specific health effects. Bilberry, for example, increases circulation, and elderberry decongests the sinuses and lungs. But I’m not saying that bilberries cure circulatory problems or that elderberries cure lung problems, because they don’t–the body speaks, the body heals. All Juice Plus+® formulas include a variety of whole foods and other ingredients so the healing power within the body can pick what it needs.

The following are all of the active ingredients in the Juice Plus+ Vineyard Blend®  formula. Details about the researched benefits of each of these ingredients are detailed in my book “Your Body Speaks–Your Body Heals.”

  1. Bilberry
  2. Cranberry
  3. Elderberry
  4. Black Currant
  5. Red Currant
  6. Blueberry
  7. Raspberry
  8. Blackberry
  9. Concord Grape
  10. Green Tea
  11. Grape Seed Extract
  12. Ginger
  13. Digestive Enzymes
  14. Proteolytic Enzymes
  15. L-carnitine
  16. Coenzyme Q10
  17. Artichoke