Man frustrated with his laptop computer on white backround

We’ve been hard at work on launching this site for the Juice Plus+ community and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We really appreciate that. From the clean new design, to simpler navigation, it appears to be a hit. However, as with most new opportunities, we’ve also experienced some challenges, too. We’ve heard from some of you about the calendar issues and we appreciate your comments. We are actively working with our developer to resolve the remaining issues with the calendar. We will let you know once we have all the bugs worked out. We actually were one step away yesterday morning and then got an update that pushed us back a few steps, but we hope to have everything resolved before the week is over.

Once we get the calendar fully functional, we’ll be doing a walk-through video to show you everything you can do with it, including filtering and customizing your views, subscribing to the events calendar in either Apple Calendar, Google Calendar or Outlook, and sharing events directly to social profiles like Facebook and Twitter.

Again, thanks for your patience. We’re sure you’ll love it when it’s working as it should.