Whether it’s happy hour with coworkers, a birthday dinner with friends, or a big family outing, there’s something special about going out to eat. You have no responsibilities except to enjoy your company, order a glass wine, and eat really good food. (Ah, the beauty of no dishes to clean.) While we’re all about ordering the rich pasta over the fish and veg dish, research published in the Journal of the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (JAAND) found that 92 percent of meals from large chain and local restaurants had more calories than recommended for the average eater.

While we’re not calorie counters, the new year has us motivated to clean up our eating a bit. If you’re with us and need help navigating menus and making healthier choices when you dine out, we’ve compiled a slew of advice and research-based tips about how to eat healthier in restaurants.

Source: Eating Healthy: 6 Tips to Follow When You’re at a Restaurant | Greatist