Ok so an apple a day won’t keep the hot flushes away, but it’s not far off.

The average age of the menopause in the United Kingdom is 51, when periods stop and many women develop hot flushes, erratic mood swings, fluctuating hormones and weight gain which are just some of the symptoms of menopause, the time of life that many women dread! One way of ensuring that this wonderful change passes you relatively unscathed is to eat right and support your body and hormones as it goes through these amazing changes.

In order to manage going through the menopause, diet can be  a huge factor in how perimenopausal and menopausal women act and feel. Research into menopause shows that what women eat either quell or exacerbate just about every menopausal symptom from hot flashes and night sweats to mood swings and weight gain. According to the Mayo Clinic, “The key to eating right during perimenopause and menopause is to eat foods that will improve health as much as they are to keep symptoms of menopause at bay.”

via Eat Your Way To A Happier Menopause – Infinity House Magazine.